Roné Prinz began making jewelry during a Japanese paper making class in 1986. She accidentally tore one of her sculptures and decided to turn it into a pair of earrings.

"I saw a universe of beauty in this tiny little fragment and then the alchemy of art began to evolve, and one thing led to another."

Prinz felt she had finally found her artistic voice and thus began her dance with creating jewelry. Moving matter and moving the physical form are one in the same for her. She is heavily influenced by her surroundings whether it be driving cross country to an art show or sitting in her garden watching birds.

"It’s exciting to see what wants to escape from my hands and form itself into something that is actually wearable."

As far as materials go, Prinz never wants to limit herself. Anything and everything is a candidate, from sterling silver and precious gems to found objects like old pocket watch wheels. She believes that repurposing these objects are as precious as diamonds. Discovering different materials is an exciting process for Prinz, and each new collection is influenced by the last.

The construction of each collection begins by Prinz looking at the materials she has gathered, taking into mind color, texture, and shape. Using basic metalsmithing and sculpture techniques to fabricate, such as forming, carving, sawing, soldering and sanding, Prinz allows the alchemy of art to evolve in its own way.

 "I am happy for every day of living and creating!"